Reduce Utility Bills (and Carbon Emissions!)

Electricity bills blew the budget through the winter of 2008, which was unusually cold. Residents were running the heating system overnight to keep warm. The solution? UNIShare provided an additional fleece blanket for each resident, and the housemates turned off the energy-hungry heating system overnight. The result was a 44% reduction in daily consumption rates! Hardly rocket science, but real savings were achieved through practical cooperation.

Key Events

Usage peaks at 41 KWh per day in the week to 23rd August.

UNIShare issues fleece winter blankets. Residents switch heating OFF at night.

Average daily consumption drops to 23 kWh!

Consumption continues to fall to 11th October. with warmer spring weather

Mild start to summer sees usage settle at about 16 kWh per day.

6th December: further fall in usage as some housemates head home for holidays.