Our House


Mawson Lakes - House and Housemates

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Our House

Large, modern house with great facilities:

  • federation style home, built in 2004
  • 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • generous indoor and outdoor living areas
  • ducted heating and cooling
  • double garage


UNIShare Mawson Lakes offers a great group of housemates:

  • Ashleigh, Australia, Bachelor of IT, UniSA Mawson Lakes
  • Lanlan, China, Bachelor of IT, UniSA Mawson Lakes
  • Joyce, Australian, Cadetship, DSTG
  • Ken, Malaysia, Infomation Technology, UniSA Mawson Lakes
  • Keith, Kenya, Master Thesis, UniSA Mawson Lakes
  • Sushant, India, Information Technology, UniSA mawson Lakes
  • Thuy, Vietnam, PhD Engineering, UniSA Mawson Lakes



Click here for details of rent, security bonds and current availability.

If you would like to make enquiries about future vacancies, please e-mail us.