Getting to My Campus

How it works

"Getting to campus" uses GoogleMap's "get directions" capability by presenting your destination campus and allowing you to insert a UNIShare location as the starting point.

To protect the privacy of our current housemates, we do not use specific UNIShare street addreses. Instead, we use a nearby bus stop, not more than 5 minutes walk from the house.

That means you can also use this page to find the bus stop nearest to your UNIShare location. Check the Adelaide Metro website to make sure the bus stop is on the route you want.

Step 1: Select a UNIShare location

Copy the text (excluding the quote marks) adjacent to your UNIShare location:

  • UNIShare Pooraka: "Stop 38A Henderson Av, Pooraka, South Australia"
  • UNIShare Mawson Lakes: "Stop 33B Mawson Lakes Bvd - East side, Mawson Lakes, South Australia"
  • UNIShare Hillcrest: "Stop 25 North East Road - North West side"

Step 2: Select your destination campus

Click on the link to your campus, and when the Google map appears, click on "Directions" and paste your text into the empty "Starting Point" field, then click on the Search icon.

University of Adelaide

UniSA Mawson Lakes

UniSA City East

UniSA City West

UniSA Magill Campus

Flight Training Adelaide

TAFE SA City Campus

TAFE SA Gilles Plains Campus

TAFE SA Tea Tree Gully Campus

TAFE SA Regency Campus

Flinders University

DSTG Edinburgh

Tips for getting the most out of Getting to My Campus

  • GoogleMap's "Get Directions" will assume you want to catch the next bus or train. This may not be the case, e.g. if you're googlin' at 11:30 pm on a Sunday. Set the departure time according to the times you want to travel.
  • Choose the mode of transport you require. Options include public transport, private car, bicycle or on foot.
  • If you choose public transport, GoogleMap will present all the options available to it (depends on the level of integration with the transport provider). Compare the options to find the one that suits you best.