DSTO SVS Student Testimonials

Hermine, Monash University (UNIShare resident December 2015 - February 2016)

Relocating from Melbourne to Adelaide for the summer, as a DSTO vacation student, the accommodation UNIShare provided was ideal for my situation. Moving into a furnished house, with electricity, water, and internet bills as well as cleaning and maintenance being taken care of by Lionel the landlord, it made for a hassle-free move. Furthermore, the location, situated perfectly between my workplace and the city, also surrounded by shops and public transport, allowed be to embrace everything Adelaide had to offer. This was too due to the wonderful housemates I had at UNIShare, who were great to be around and full of helpful advice, as too was Lionel. Lionel aims to make your stay as smooth as possible, and I would highly recommend UNIShare to any other DSTO students coming to Adelaide.

Varun, University of Western Australia (UNIShare resident November 2011 - February 2012)

I had a great time in Adelaide! UNIShare Mawson Lakes was a very comfortable place to live in. Its great for students! Living in UNIShare meant that I didn't have to worry about stuff like furniture. I didn't have to worry about paying individual bills for electricity, water and internet. All that annoying stuff was abstracted away in a fortnightly rent. The housemates were fantastic people and were always willing to help. The landlord was awesome and he always made sure everyone was happy. I recommend UNIShare for all interstate students doing the DSTO SVS program.

Matthew, University of Western Australia (UNIShare resident November 2011 - February 2012)

My experience while living in Adelaide, and working at DSTO as a SVS student, was made less stressful by my accomodation arrangement with UNIShare. The house I was staying in was close to all that I needed while in Adelaide, including shops and, more importantly, public transport. My housemates were good fun to be around, the rates and expectations were easily manageable, and the landlord went out of his way to ensure that everything ran smoothly. I would strongly recommend any future SVS students, or other students who find themselves in Adelaide, to consider taking up this opportunity.